Solid Tumor Trials: Maintain More Patients with irRECIST Webinar

The Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer recently published ‘Comparison of tumor assessments using RECIST 1.1 and irRECIST, and association with overall survival,’ marking the first time immune-related criteria show correlation with Overall Survival as its most meaningful endpoint in the treatment of cancer patients.

The publication demonstrates the benefit to a subgroup of patients who otherwise would have foregone treatment and survival benefit when relying solely on RECIST 1.1 instead of irRECIST, as irRECIST takes the entire tumor burden including new tumor growth into consideration.

In this webinar, Dr. Oliver Bohnsack of Calyx – a leading expert on RECIST and irRECIST – discusses the implications of these findings, what it means for oncology clinical development and treatment decision-making, and why irRECIST easily can and shall replace outdated RECIST 1.1 on all solid tumor trials going forward.

2022 年 7 月 13 日


Oliver Bohnsack,医学博士、博士、工商管理硕士   图像

Oliver Bohnsack,医学博士、博士、工商管理硕士


在引导凯理斯全球客户的肿瘤学研究的影像工作方面,Oliver 利用其在支持逾 600 项临床试验后获得的经验,其中这些试验涵盖各种不同的适应症、复杂情况并处于开发的各个阶段,他的经验致使逾 20 种肿瘤治疗获得批准。他是《免疫相关疗效标准》(irRC,2009 年)的共同作者、《免疫相关实体瘤疗效评价标准》(irRECIST,2014 年)的第一作者、Eggleton P. 等人《对根据实体瘤疗效评价标准 (RECIST) 与 irRECIST 进行的评价的比较》(2020 年)的共同作者。



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